Alpine Bikes winter series Innerleithen round 1

Alpine Bikes winter series Innerleithen round 1

Last weekend we made the trek north for round 1 of the Alpine bike winter series at Innerleithen.
I have raced the winter races up at Innerleithen since 98 and really enjoy the mellow atmosphere, its also a good chance to get some bike time in early season.

We arrived at the race site early on Saturday it was well and truly rammed, I’m not sure I have seen such a turn out for a winter race up there before.
Matt from Alpine bikes had been a huge help keeping us a spot in the paddock, we set up next to him with room for the guys from Fox to set up along side us.
We headed up the track to be greeted with a wake up call, the track was frozen solid, after doing a run I decided to leave it for a while to see if it would thaw out. I have never ridden anything so slippery in all my life, the more riders that did runs the worse it seemed to get.
The organisers called a riders meeting and decided to  cancel the race as it was too dangerous to continue although
they managed to keep the uplift going for the rest of the day.
I had a really good time riding on some of the less frozen trails on the hill, with Aaron and all the guys from Fox.

At the end of Saturday there was some debate as to whether the race should run or not.

After finally deciding it was on we had to get up early for practice Sunday morning. I rode one run and made the decision it was too risky too ride as I have a long season ahead and did not want too get hurt trying too ride on the ice!!

After much debate between everyone involved the decision was made  to cancel the race.

Thanks too Matt at Alpine bikes and the guys at Fox for their on going entertainment during the weekend.

see you at round 2.

Cheers Marc


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