Cool Facts You Might Want to Know If You Want to Numb That Tattoo Pain

The first tattoo can be a pleasant experience with tattoo numbing cream. You can walk in that tattoo shop, and ask for the best numbing cream for tattoos. Make your tattoo area feel 10 times less pain. People with sensitive skin, know that I am smart in mentioning a way to reduce tattoo pain. Tattoo pain is not like getting punched in the face. Its like cutting yourself with a knife and praying you don’t dig deeper. A light scrap there and a little blood flap. A wise person would use numb cream to reduce tattoo pain at home, or for the next tattoo appointment. There are some cool tattoo facts we thought you should know. Things to consider when you get your first tattoo, or find yourself in too much pain. View the messages below.

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Why Use Numbing Cream On Tattoos

The best numbing cream for tattoos is sometimes applied to tattoo procedures. You can use it to reduce pain. Its main function is to reduce the needle effects on the skin. It stimulates the top layers of your skin. Cancels the pain enablers that activate naturally, and promote you to feel 5 times less pain. The cream is applied to your skin for one hour or two. The tattoo pain is only reduced for that time period. After one hour, you will feel the pain again. So, you must reapply the tattoo numb cream. Don’t be afraid to tell your tattoo artist to do so. Its your body guy.

The cream is additionally used for helping people get over their first tattoo. The cream can be used after you get your first tattoo to reduce pain for the next couple weeks. Make sure to only leave it on the tattoo area for 1 hour. Doing it longer can lead to tattoo problems.

Experts View On Reducing Tattoo Pain

You Want to Numb That Tattoo Pain

Experts in the tattoo business claim the cream is useless. It only numbs the top part of the skin. It does not numb the inner side of the skin muscle. Even if you use the best numbing cream for tattoos, you will still have a problem. The pain will reduce like the instructions on the back of the cream suggest. But, there will still be pain. Tattoo artist warn new tattoo users to not expect too much.

Useful Ways to Use Numbing Cream for Tattoos

Tattoo numbing creams can be used for other things you need. The cream can treat minor scrapes and bruises. Helps people with hair removal procedures. You can use it to shave. Not guaranteed to work on every face, but it could work. Does a good job of keeping the insect bites at a low level. Your bug bites will heal in no time. It would save the trouble of getting that bug medicine. Doctors use it to remove skin from the body. A small layer of skin exactly. It only numbs the top part of the skin. Don’t use this and think it will numb the muscle under the top portion of skin.

Give Dad Some Love by Doing These Little Things on Father’s Day

Most dads deserve a gift because they show unconditional love. They have love for their children, wife, girlfriend, mistress, and friends. Dads are willing to give you a shoulder to lean on and help you with the toughest problems. When you get coffee mug sayings for dad, it should express the large amount of love that they have for the people around them. Dads don’t always tell you what you like, but they tell you what they should tell you. All that love deserves a gift.

Give Dad Some Love by Doing These Little Things on Father’s Day

Dads don’t expect a expensive gift right from the start. No, they like getting gifts that have meanings. Meanings they make them go further or make them be stronger. Men find meanings in the strangest of things. Don’t assume that the DIY coffee mug or the picture you drew means nothing to your father. Your father values meaning more then he values high priced cars.

There are little things you need to consider when getting coffee mug sayings for dad or coffee mugs in general. You need to be aware of your situation and what you can do for your dad. Don’t try to do too much. Try to get your dad something simple for Father’s Day like a little coffee mug. Here some more tips on how to get your dad a gift. Follow these tips and you won’t mess up again.

Think of Distance

You need to know if your dad lives far. Why? It matters because you got to make sure the gift can be delivered. You might live near your dad or far away. I don’t know but you do know. Set up the right time ship gift to give your dad a gift properly. This will ensure your dad gets the gift on time. If you live far from your dad, then go to the mail store and ship it to him in advance. Always ship gifts in advance. Your dad might not hate you for being late, but he will want to know how you could hit such easy to miss mistake.

Give Dad Some Love by Doing These Little Things on Father’s Day

Get Something Cheap or Expensive

Should you get something cheap or expensive depends on your budget. We all have bills to pay. Your dad will understand if you could only get him a letter this year. However, if you can get your dad something better like a coffee mug then do it. Get some coffee mug sayings for dad that connects with his personality too.

Write Your Dad a “Thank You” Letter

Writing letters is one way to not mess up that Father’s Day gift. Most people don’t write letters for their dad in modern times. But, you can still write a letter for your dad that will show him you really care. Its a rare thing to do. To write a letter is something that shows a man you really want him to remember you. Reading a letter also gives a man a special feeling. Its not like reading a text message. Your brain connects deeper with letters.

How to Ride Your Mountain Bike Safely

The very first thing you ought to do is get the best helmet for mountain biking. The head houses the brain, a powerhouse to all bodily functions. Thus, optimum care needs to be taken towards avoiding traumatic blows while mountain biking. Regardless of skill level, wearing a helmet is not negotiable at any point.

Get Suitable Riding Gear

Other than the helmet there are more accessories worth owning. The suitability depends on the kind of terrain you will be handling, your speed, among other variables. Pads to protect your knees, legs, arms, and elbows should be put on corresponding body parts. Full body armor also plays a major role in determining if you go home with simple bruises or severe injuries.

Do not Overdo Things

The urge to show off will constantly creep in. Still, at no one time should you give in and do things beyond your skill level. Better safe than sorry, walk that hard section if you have to. One day you will learn how to maneuver it, but save yourself from shame and injury by staying to the confines of your skill.

Trails Determine the bike Type

Different bikes are designed to tackle certain settings. Some bikes are specifically designed for going down steep descents. Others are designed for rocky tracks. Such manufacturer specification coupled with biker’s skill determine success rates on different pathways.

Know your Trail

Quite naturally, pushing limits in new surroundings often spells disaster. Such can be easily avoided by studying trails on first time encounters. Walk on rough parts and be on constant lookout for surprises around bends.

Take Corners Slowly

Whether familiar or not, corners are to be negotiated after significant slowing down. Furthermore, you never know what to expect round blind corners. You probably have seen clips where rider after rider plunges into some ditch or hits something after taking a corner too hard.

Crashing is Quite Normal

At some point while engaging in the sport, you will crash. No matter how observant and keen you are, something fails at some point, tumbling you all the way down. Well, it does not always happen that way, some crashes are due to external factors. Either way, that should not scare you into giving up or not trying to ride.

Upgrade Skills Progressively

In a world where many crave instant gratification, you might get sucked up into wanting almost instant results. Unfortunately, that often leads to frustration as most skills need constant practice. Start with minor challenges as you progress to harder stunts. For example, it would be pointless to learn take offs if you have not yet fully mastered landings.

Follow your Intuition

There are times when you encounter a situation and for some reason you do not feel comfortable. Truth is, most times such encounters turn out negative. Hence, before testing out that move, assess whether you are fully comfortable. If not, there is no need to take the risk, you can always try another time when you feel more confident.

What to do During Accidents

Accidents are bound to happen, and often prove quite costly. Take up some insurance to cover costs that might arise as a result of bike accidents. That covers both the physical damage on your bike and any injuries sustained. Also, should you feel all is not right, work towards a controlled fall, it reduces the damage and impact.


Riding can mean loads of fun while it comes with its fair share of challenges and dangers. Observing a few safety requirements helps majorly in averting the negative factors of riding.

Alpine Bikes winter series Innerleithen round 1

Last weekend we made the trek north for round 1 of the Alpine bike winter series at Innerleithen.
I have raced the winter races up at Innerleithen since 98 and really enjoy the mellow atmosphere, its also a good chance to get some bike time in early season.

We arrived at the race site early on Saturday it was well and truly rammed, I’m not sure I have seen such a turn out for a winter race up there before.
Matt from Alpine bikes had been a huge help keeping us a spot in the paddock, we set up next to him with room for the guys from Fox to set up along side us.
We headed up the track to be greeted with a wake up call, the track was frozen solid, after doing a run I decided to leave it for a while to see if it would thaw out. I have never ridden anything so slippery in all my life, the more riders that did runs the worse it seemed to get.
The organisers called a riders meeting and decided to  cancel the race as it was too dangerous to continue although
they managed to keep the uplift going for the rest of the day.
I had a really good time riding on some of the less frozen trails on the hill, with Aaron and all the guys from Fox.

At the end of Saturday there was some debate as to whether the race should run or not.

After finally deciding it was on we had to get up early for practice Sunday morning. I rode one run and made the decision it was too risky too ride as I have a long season ahead and did not want too get hurt trying too ride on the ice!!

After much debate between everyone involved the decision was made  to cancel the race.

Thanks too Matt at Alpine bikes and the guys at Fox for their on going entertainment during the weekend.

see you at round 2.

Cheers Marc

Pearce Cycles Training day 23rd January 2010

Today was my first training day of the new year I had 9 enthusiastic riders ranging from 14 years old too middle aged men.
I always really enjoy training days the guys were really keen to learn and I hope they all took something away from the day.
Thanks to Dave and Lindsey Pearce with out there awesome help I would not be able to put on these days.

Please look out for the next Marc beaumont Training day Saturday February 27th at Bringewood nr Ludlow Shropshire.

Fort William BDS round 2

Arriving in Fort William on Friday evening to be greeted by clear skies and sunshine was a very nice surprise.

Practice was set for all day Saturday. I did five runs on the brutal course.

The guys up there have put in some really hard work making some interesting changes, although I think it has lost some of its edge from the old track, as they have added more turns making the course more technical, from the old hang off the back and hope for the best.

Its now more friendly to a lesser rider but at the same time being awesome fun.

Sunday brought more of the same sunny skies and dust although the rain tried to spoil it on a couple of occasions.

In qualifying I was going well but got a puncture about 1/4 the way down.I was left to cruise in and put all my eggs in one basket for the finals

My final run was more of the same I had a great top section heading in to the trees. I slid on some roots and went straight into a tree losing all my speed, I ended up finishing 7th 2 seconds back on 3rd place.

As a whole it was a good weekend. Mark Maurissen (mechanic) and I made some good changes to the Fury through the weekend and put ourselves in a good spot ready for the World Cup there in June.

Just a shame I did’nt manage to back it up with a solid result.

Picture credit, Scott Cartwright [mailto:[email protected]]

Fort William World cup 2

After a difficult week before at the U.S open, getting a front puncture in qualifying and not making the finals.

Mark Maurissen (Team mechanic) and I tested the tubless system I realise this is not new technology, but I have never used it before on any bike. Its a weird feeling you get. It feels like the tyres float on the rims. It took a few runs to get used to it, but I’m really into it now.

After losing my bags on the way home from the U.S on monday, I spent wednesday traveling from home to Fort William via Fox clothing in Newcastle to collect some new gear for the weekend as the chances were, I was not going to see mine until next week. Damm airlines!!

Thanks very much to Aaron for staying late and sorting me out with some wild Negative O gear to use in practice!!!

We have our new bikes here this week! I think they turned out amazing!! By far the best looking bikes in the pits!!!

Friday Practice went well. I already knew the course as we raced the national here earlier in the season, although they had made a few more minor changes.
I felt really comfortable straight away, enjoying every run, at the end of the day I did timed practice. I ended up 2nd which was a bit of a surprise! I realise not all the guys take part in timed practice and those that do don’t always give it there all. Never the less, it was a good confidence boost for me and an indication I was on the right track.

Saturday was more of the same. I was still having fun on the track hitting all my lines and after two runs I was ready for qualifying.
To be honest, I was quite nervous before we started. Mark Maurissen told me afterwards, he could see I was quite tense and not laughing and joking like usual.
After four or five turns my nerves went and I got into my rhythm ending up in 8th place, my best qualifying of the year.

Sunday race day morning practice was good again. The event was buzzing as it always is.
As Mark and I set off for the top, my nerves from yesterday had gone. I knew what I had to do. My run was really good! I lost a little time in the top section. I always have had trouble carrying speed in those long bermed turns. From there on though, I felt really good and
ended up 11th. My best ride this year! I would have liked to have snuck into the top 10, but it was really close in front of me which gives me something to build on for the rest of the year.

Thanks to the gym crew for coming up to support me also my family and the Sherry family for making the long trip north as well.

Cheers! See you at Leogang!

Halo BDS 1 Nant Gwrtheyrn

After a tough week leading up to Nant G, having suffered a crash practicing the week before injuring my ankle my hopes were not too high for the opening round of the Halo BDS.
Practice went well on saturday the track was pretty technical up top and flat with lots of pedaling down at the bottom.To my surprise the BDS crew had got the uplift running sweet, I managed to get 6 runs in ready for sunday.
We were greeted with drizzle sunday morning which stayed through the day. After making the decision to change from Maxxis High roller to spikes after practice , I was hoping to be able to give them a run in seeding!!! Due to a couple of injuries causing delays the decision was made to cancel seeding. Doh!!

After a long delay we finally raced I was really pleased with the way I rode hitting all my lines and even a new one in my race run. Winning with such a stacked field fills me with confidence for the upcoming World Cups and what better way to start defending my BDS title.

Halo BDS Round 2 Molfre

Halo BDS round 2 Molfre
First I just want to say how great the weather was this weekend!! who would have thought we would have sunshine like that in April.
Im sure most of you have rode or seen Molfre before?? This years track was much of the same super fast and windy at times.

Saturday went well I got 5 runs in and felt pretty comfortable on course.despite vicious rumours of a phantom crash I had had, or not had as the case maybe. You have gotta love how a rumour spreads.
Sunday race day.
Practice went really well I felt a lot better than saturday and was full of confidence going into the Finals.

During seeding I made a mistake in the switch back section running wide into some gauze bushes just above the road crossing ending up 4th.
For Finals I was hoping for a better run, hoping to challenge for the win my run went pretty well apart from a big slide out before entering the 4 cross track. Sorry if I covered you in dirt!!!

I was pretty disappointed with finishing 6th perhaps my seeding run just took a little to much out of me, and my legs were not quite as fresh as I would have liked for Finals.

Anyway moving on the event ran really well big props to the BDS crew!!! I’m off to Africa.


South Africa, one week prior to the first Worldcup

Saturday April 16th
11am, pooring down rain…..Marc Beaumont; “I think I might race the SA XC national series in 3hours….” There we go

It has been raining for a few days now and both XC and DH tracks are a big mess. A lot of people are not going to compete in the SA Nat DH since the forcast for Sunday is even worse and the track is VERY unpredictable.

12 o’clock; cooking pasta, putting 1.8 Maxxis Madusa’s on his 6″travel Force Racehorse, getting the windtrainer out, preparing the feed zone…

2:30pm; starting in the back of the pack. Marc came through the feed zone in 12th in the first lap??! In the second lap he found his own pace and enjoyed the rest of the race in all mountain style; baggy shorts,wheelies through the feedzone, the only person to clear the gnarly  rock-garden, having chats in the feedzone… He finished an amazing
16th place in a approx 35 rider field!

16 April 2011 during the SA Cup XCO in Pietermaritzburg. Photo by Gary Perkin

He only got pulled after lap 4 (5 total) after being lapped by Lukas Fluckiger.

Good job Marc, looking forward to see you race the WORLDCUP next weekend.
Gary Perkin pictures