Fort William World cup 2

Fort William World cup 2

After a difficult week before at the U.S open, getting a front puncture in qualifying and not making the finals.

Mark Maurissen (Team mechanic) and I tested the tubless system I realise this is not new technology, but I have never used it before on any bike. Its a weird feeling you get. It feels like the tyres float on the rims. It took a few runs to get used to it, but I’m really into it now.

After losing my bags on the way home from the U.S on monday, I spent wednesday traveling from home to Fort William via Fox clothing in Newcastle to collect some new gear for the weekend as the chances were, I was not going to see mine until next week. Damm airlines!!

Thanks very much to Aaron for staying late and sorting me out with some wild Negative O gear to use in practice!!!

We have our new bikes here this week! I think they turned out amazing!! By far the best looking bikes in the pits!!!

Friday Practice went well. I already knew the course as we raced the national here earlier in the season, although they had made a few more minor changes.
I felt really comfortable straight away, enjoying every run, at the end of the day I did timed practice. I ended up 2nd which was a bit of a surprise! I realise not all the guys take part in timed practice and those that do don’t always give it there all. Never the less, it was a good confidence boost for me and an indication I was on the right track.

Saturday was more of the same. I was still having fun on the track hitting all my lines and after two runs I was ready for qualifying.
To be honest, I was quite nervous before we started. Mark Maurissen told me afterwards, he could see I was quite tense and not laughing and joking like usual.
After four or five turns my nerves went and I got into my rhythm ending up in 8th place, my best qualifying of the year.

Sunday race day morning practice was good again. The event was buzzing as it always is.
As Mark and I set off for the top, my nerves from yesterday had gone. I knew what I had to do. My run was really good! I lost a little time in the top section. I always have had trouble carrying speed in those long bermed turns. From there on though, I felt really good and
ended up 11th. My best ride this year! I would have liked to have snuck into the top 10, but it was really close in front of me which gives me something to build on for the rest of the year.

Thanks to the gym crew for coming up to support me also my family and the Sherry family for making the long trip north as well.

Cheers! See you at Leogang!


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