Halo BDS Round 2 Molfre

Halo BDS Round 2 Molfre

Halo BDS round 2 Molfre
First I just want to say how great the weather was this weekend!! who would have thought we would have sunshine like that in April.
Im sure most of you have rode or seen Molfre before?? This years track was much of the same super fast and windy at times.

Saturday went well I got 5 runs in and felt pretty comfortable on course.despite vicious rumours of a phantom crash I had had, or not had as the case maybe. You have gotta love how a rumour spreads.
Sunday race day.
Practice went really well I felt a lot better than saturday and was full of confidence going into the Finals.

During seeding I made a mistake in the switch back section running wide into some gauze bushes just above the road crossing ending up 4th.
For Finals I was hoping for a better run, hoping to challenge for the win my run went pretty well apart from a big slide out before entering the 4 cross track. Sorry if I covered you in dirt!!!

I was pretty disappointed with finishing 6th perhaps my seeding run just took a little to much out of me, and my legs were not quite as fresh as I would have liked for Finals.

Anyway moving on the event ran really well big props to the BDS crew!!! I’m off to Africa.


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