South Africa, one week prior to the first Worldcup

South Africa, one week prior to the first Worldcup

Saturday April 16th
11am, pooring down rain…..Marc Beaumont; “I think I might race the SA XC national series in 3hours….” There we go

It has been raining for a few days now and both XC and DH tracks are a big mess. A lot of people are not going to compete in the SA Nat DH since the forcast for Sunday is even worse and the track is VERY unpredictable.

12 o’clock; cooking pasta, putting 1.8 Maxxis Madusa’s on his 6″travel Force Racehorse, getting the windtrainer out, preparing the feed zone…

2:30pm; starting in the back of the pack. Marc came through the feed zone in 12th in the first lap??! In the second lap he found his own pace and enjoyed the rest of the race in all mountain style; baggy shorts,wheelies through the feedzone, the only person to clear the gnarly  rock-garden, having chats in the feedzone… He finished an amazing
16th place in a approx 35 rider field!

16 April 2011 during the SA Cup XCO in Pietermaritzburg. Photo by Gary Perkin

He only got pulled after lap 4 (5 total) after being lapped by Lukas Fluckiger.

Good job Marc, looking forward to see you race the WORLDCUP next weekend.
Gary Perkin pictures


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